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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


YEAH! We got around to putting more pictures online!

Sorry we haven't posted since before Thanksgiving. We don't really have an excuse, except "twins," out of town visitors, holidays, and parties. Not really a good excuse, but we're sticking to it. :-)

So, the first year is now over (don't know how it's over, but nevertheless). It seems like we were just discussing what to name two girls, and now we can't imagine life without a Lila and Zella. The first few months (and all the sleepless nights) seemed to never end. But now the time has flown buy. The girls have teeth, they're walking, and can say a few words (Mama, Dadda, dog, and NO! among others).

They are no longer "on the bottle," as of the beginning of the year. They are big girls now, eating the same things that Mommy and Daddy eat.

Thanks for everyone's support during the girls's first year. And remember, Elmo Loves YOU! :-) For those of you without kids, that's what Elmo says a lot!