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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In case you're not keeping track, the girls are 14 months as of today. The time goes too quick.

The girls are both good walkers now, although they still fall occasionally - case in point, Zella took a face plant into the concrete yesterday, and it left her a little scuffed up on the forehead and nose. Lila is pretty funny when she walks, kind of like a zombie with her arms stretched out forward to keep her balance :-)

Both girls are able to get up without pulling themselves up on anything.

They sometimes like to sit with us (at least for a couple of minutes) and watch their favorite cartoons - Veggie Tales and Elmo.

They are more interested in shape sorting, but then they get frustrated when the triangle won't go through the same hole that the circle just did. If we show them where to put the triangle, then they are able to figure it out.

They are starting to say more words; just kind of a random patchwork of words right now though. They will surprise us sometime with things they say - banana, Lila, 'Ella (I guess the Z is still a little difficult), and "There he is!" to name a few. They can nod both "Yes" and "No" now, but will only say "No" verbally - and seem to like "No" better...

We'll post some new pictures soon - including one of Zella's battle scars from the concrete.