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Friday, July 17, 2009

18 Month Checkup

Today the girls had their 18 month checkup:

Twin A: Lila Rose Shaw
21 LBS - She is in the 11% on weight
32" Tall - She is in the 58% on height

Twin B: Zella Grace Shaw
23 LBS - She is in the 35% on weight
33" Tall - She is in the 79% on height

They apparently recently had a growth spirt, and they both have pretty much all their teeth now - they have the premolars left.

Zella didn't cry at all when she got her shot today. The nurse said that was the -first time- a baby didn't cry when she gave them a shot. Then Zella started crying in empathy after Lila SCREAMED from her shot. Either empathy, or some sort of telepathic link - with Twins you never know :-).