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Monday, August 4, 2008

First Post (Yeah!)

It only took us 7 months to create a blog! Better late than never!

The girls are doing awesome! Zella is 16 lbs, and Lila is 14.5 lbs (-still- a pound and a half apart! I think I'm noticing a trend). They can both sit by themselves (briefly) and they are -almost- crawling. They rock on their knees and roll wherever they want to go. Sometimes they'll even crawl sideways like a crab (what a sight!). Zella has discovered her voice, and can be very loud! Lila is often content just watching her sister.

Everyone says that they are so cute and seem very alert and inquisitive, and our favorite comment is that they look like Gerber babies - is that a good or bad thing ;)

We love being parents, and they definitely keep us very busy (and they aren't even crawling yet!) No need to spend money on entertainment :) - not that we could anyways ;)

Thankfully, Mommy is still nursing so we aren't spending money on formula yet (just more food for Mommy), but we do go through at least 16 diapers a day (that's 112 a week, or 480 a month!). Thanks Grandma Shaw for helping here!

Special thanks to our family (including our church family) and friends! We love y'all, and we sincerely appreciate everything everyone has done for us!

Well, it is late, and the girls will be up in 5 hours, so Good Night and God Bless!

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