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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The new "Word of the Day" (everyday) around the Shaw household seems to now be "Hi!"

Both Zella and Lila are now constantly saying "Hi," and waiting for a response. If you don't respond within about .05 milliseconds, they say "Hi" again, and again, and again, until they get you to respond :-)

Both of the girl's are coming out with a definite Texas Twang. Zella is a little more obvious with the wonderful way she says "Dawg!" ("Dog" with a Twang, for those of you who don't speak Texan...) Not sure where they get it from, since Mommy and Daddy obviously couldn't have Texas accents (although they aren't as strong as Zella's).

We went to Daddy's yearly family reunion last weekend at Lake Murray in Oklahoma. The girls had a good time seeing all their extended family, after they warmed up to them. It was a pretty wet weekend, so we couldn't let the girls run around like they wanted, but they still managed to find plenty of mud :-)

It's always fun to put toddlers back in their beds in the middle of the night - especially when it's pitch black. You can't see who it is, where their bed is, or which bed already has a toddler in it. The best way I have to guess is weight - Zella is still a little bit heavier than Lila (by 1-2 lbs). I usually guess right, but before I lay her down, I always reach down to double check that no one is in the bed first - I don't want to wake up her sister by putting them in the same bed :-)

The girls have been doing very well in their toddler beds, but they still are taking a long time to get to sleep. So much so that they are often missing naps now. Of course, on days they miss their naps, they typically pass right out when it is bed time, but then can take an hour or more on other nights. Once they manage to go to sleep, they don't wake up too much in the middle of the night anymore, unless someone has a nightmare.

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