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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Exciting Times

Aside from the normal exciting life of parenting twins, lately there's been a lot of additional excitement around our house. Someone had their toy taken by Sister, someone needs to read THIS book (not THAT one), someone needs to be held NOW, someone bumped their head (which happens a LOT), someone broke the window...

Yes, that's right; someone -broke- the window. Well, I guess technically it wasn't someone so much as a chair that broke the window. But of course, the chair wouldn't have broken the window had Lila not tipped it over. :-) Luckily, it was a double paned window, and only the inside pane broke, so we aren't exposed to the environment, but we still need to get it fixed.

Aside from that excitement, Zella has recently become more aggressive - she's throwing, hitting, and wrestling a lot more than her sister. She'll run up behind Lila and wrestle her to the ground laughing the whole time. Sometimes Lila will enjoy the rough-housing, but more often than not, she will get upset (or hurt) from it. It could be because she's not been sleeping like she should lately - she refuses naps (unless we trick them with "Let's go for a ride in the car"), and she's been waking up about half way through the night, and won't go back to sleep unless you stay in the room with her for several hours. Daddy's been sleeping a lot at night on the floor in their room (his back isn't agreeing with it). Mommy's already got back issues that she's seeing the Dr. about.

The girls are becoming a lot more demanding for what they want - even if you don't understand what they are asking for (What? You don't know "DiSa" means Dinosaur? How stupid are you!?!) Whenever you don't know what they want, they tend to throw a tantrum. Lila LOVES collapsing for her tantrums, especially if you are trying to walk her somewhere, or pick her up. She goes completely limp and she slips right out of your hands. Zella just screams her head off at the top of her lungs with a "I'm in excruciating pain" cry. She knows that this cry eats at our very soul, so I'm sure that's why she uses it.

Well, time for bed, so we can get at least a little sleep before someone wakes up crying - but then we tell the cat to go back to sleep until one of the girls wakes up. BTW - if anyone who doesn't have kids, and wants a cat who -loves- attention, let us know :-)

1 comment:

Corrie said...

It's so fun, and trying, when they become more interactive ;P They are just so darn cute! ;P